Available Kittens

Our kittens continue to set the bar for the finest quality in the United States! For availability or to reserve a kitten, please contact me! Kittens are fully evaluated at six weeks. Deposits accepted at that time.

Available Kittens

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Opal Class
Opal Class kittens are the ideal option for a family that wants a new kitten to cuddle, adore, and spoil. Your Opal Class kitten with almost flawless color or markings will come home with paperwork to guarantee pedigree and all required vaccinations.

​​Sapphire Grade
Sometimes an opal just isn’t sparkly enough. Let’s take it up a notch! This option is for clients who are craving a photogenic feline friend with flawless color or markings and a bubbly, sweet personality to match. Your Sapphire Grade kitten will come home with all pedigree paperwork and all vaccinations up to date.

Diamond Status
Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend! Not every cat can be a star, but our Diamond Status kitten can! Each Diamond Status kitty will come home with perfect markings and a stellar  personality to match. Not only will your Diamond Status kitten come home with all the proper paperwork ensuring the pedigree status, required vaccinations, but your mini celebrity will also be red-carpet ready and able to complete in any cat show around the world. This high-class kitten is our best quality. This kitty will have immaculate color, marking placement, and size paired with that contagious and loving personality that you’ve been daydreaming about. This makes the Diamond Status our most popular package. You and your fabulous fluffy friend deserve the best!

We are ecstatic to offer this incredible kitty to our equally amazing clients! We recommend our Diamond Status kittens attend at least two cat shows within the United States. Full rights available on an individual basis for Diamonds only.