Mon Chéri Exotic Cats

Kittens For Sale

Our Mon Chéri Exotic Shorthair and Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale are bred from premier Russian and German lines. Our gorgeous male and female show quality kittens are available in: chocolates, lilacs, color points, solids, bi-colors, calicos, tabbies, reds and rare and beautiful tortoiseshell kittens. Email us to be put on a waiting list.

Now Available!

Three new exotic Chocolate girls are now available! One solid chocolate, one chocolate bi-color and one chocolate bi-color van. All three exotic girls will carry chocolate, violet and color points! Deposits are now being taken. $500 is required to reserve any of these kittens. Email us to ask questions about any of these beautiful kittens.

What is included with my kitten?

Your Mon Chéri kitten will include the following:

  • Current Florida Health Certificate from a licensed Veterinarian
  • CFA Registration
  • Shot records
  • Sales Agreement
  • Healthy cat food to help your new little one adapt
  • Bag of toys 🙂

What’s Next? 

Kittens are given priority to people on our waiting list. If you wish to be considered for an sweet and healthy Mon Chéri kitten please send a detailed introduction and include the following: Your full name, contact information, how you found us? What you are looking for in a kitten? Also, your location, family members and pets in household, and anything else that helps us know you better. Learn more at How to Buy 


All kittens are priced and NON REFUNDABLE deposits of $500 are accepted when babies are three to six weeks old. At that time, we will be able to verify sex, coat length, color and quality in order to price kittens.

  • Show quality kittens start at $2800 
  • Pet quality kittens start at $2500 
  • Chocolate and lilac kittens start at $3000  
  • Color point kittens start at $3000 
  • Exotic longhair kittens start at $2000