Mon Chéri Exotic Cats

Our Kings

Mon Chéri Exotic Cats are Central Florida breeders of these magnificent show quality exotic shorthair Kings. Our fabulous male cats hail from premier blood lines in Russia and Germany. Mon Chéri Kings give us exquisite exotic shorthair and exotic longhair kittens. Our kittens for sale are available in chocolates, lilacs, color points, solids, bi-colors, calicos, tabbies, reds and rare and beautiful tortoiseshell.

We take excellent care of our exotic King cats. Cleanliness, sanitation, daily attention, meticulous record keeping and a lot of love is put into our cattery to ensure we breed healthy, beautiful and sweet kittens for our customers. Learn about our cattery.

Mon Chéri Razzle Dazzle

exotic shorthair mail

“Razzle Dazzle” was so named after the hit show “Chicago” musical song Razzle Dazzle! And “Raz” certainly lives up to his name. Like our Starbucks he’s a triple hitter as a stunning blue eyed exotic shorthair seal color point bi-color also carrying lilac and chocolate! Razzle Dazzle ‘em! Indeed!

Mon Chéri Pueblo

seal point exotic male clear coat

Seal point exotic shorthair boy with a clear color coat. Beautiful face and head! Big blue eyes! He’s our Cat/Dog. Follows us everywhere and loves everybody!

Mon Chéri CatzR4ME Starbucks

Starbucks is our treasured chocolate exotic shorthair boy. He’s a triple hitter! He’s a visual chocolate, carries lilac and color points! He produces a beautiful head and face, show quality bodies and coats. His exotic shorthairs and exotic longhair kittens are easy to spot! He stamps every one with his quality!

Mon Chéri Vita Nova de ja Blu

exotic male shorthair cat bicolor

International champion! “Blu” was carefully bred in Russia and imported into the United States by Stonecreek cattery years ago. We are thrilled to have him here and treat him like the true exotic shorthair King he is! Blu is the reigning King of our calico, solid and bi-color lines.

Mon Chéri Panda

Last but certainly not least is “Shiningcats Panda” After carefully pedigree study, we obtained this German bred stunning boy to breed to Vita Nova de ja Blu daughters and granddaughters. We have retained his daughters and have recently placed two young ladies in show homes. On our gallery page you’ll always know if a kitten is a “Panda baby” because we pose his exotic shorthair kittens with a panda stuffed bear. We’ve sent many a toy panda bear home with kittens at new owners requests!