Mon Chéri Exotic Cats

Our Queens

We are Central Florida breeders of these magnificent superior quality exotic shorthair and longhair Queens. Mon Chéri Queens have beautiful, friendly and healthy exotic shorthair and exotic longhair kittens. Our kittens for sale are available in chocolates, lilacs, color points, solids, bi-colors, calicos, tabbies, reds and rare and beautiful tortoiseshell kittens.

We take excellent care of our exotic Queen cats. Cleanliness, sanitation, daily attention, meticulous record keeping and a lot of love is put into our cattery to ensure we are breeding healthy, beautiful and sweet kittens. Learn about our cattery.

Mon Chéri Stonecreek I Am Aimee

exotic shorthair female cat

Mon Chéri Stonecreek I Am Aimee! What a treasure to have this exotic shorthair lovely lady! Aimee gets along with everyone and is always first to greet us at breakfast. Of course she wants to eat before we get our coffee!

Mon Chéri Stonecreek Callie

brown patch tabbie exotic shorthair female cat

Callie is a beautiful brown patch tabby exotic shorthair Queen. We’ve always bred her to Blu because there’s no improving what’s proven to produce perfect exotic shorthair kittens!

Mon Chéri Jasmine

exotic longhair female cat

Jasmine is an extreme faced exotic longhair! Beautiful deep copper eyes and we pair her with Panda for outstanding exotic shorthair and longhair kittens. We are particularly pleased with the coat qualities of the longhairs… very silky and easy to comb.

Mon Chéri Cupcake

female exotic shorthair cat

Mon Chéri Cupcake is an outstanding show Queen! She loves the limelight and a camera is her best friend. She has a “bottlebrush” tail that we all love to see! One of our very best exotic shorthair girls!