Mon Chéri Cattery

Breeders of Exotic Shorthair Kittens & Persian Kittens

Mon Chéri is a Central Florida breeder of Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale and Persian kittens (or Exotic Longhair) for sale that are outstandingly beautiful, healthy, and friendly! We are your safe and reliable go-to place for pet and show-quality Exotic Shorthair and Persian kittens whose outstanding pedigrees trace to Kings and Queens from Russian, Germany, European imports, and carefully chosen domestic bloodlines. View our beautiful Exotic Shorthair & Persian kittens for sale.

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Worldwide Shipping

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Our Healthy Kittens for Sale

Calico Exotic Shorthair kitten for sale
Calico Exotic Shorthair kitten for sale

Mon Chéri kittens are health-tested and come with a health guarantee. Each of our kittens is checked by a licensed Veterinarian and comes with a current Florida Health Certificate. We also provide registration with CFA* (The Cat Fancier’s Association), shot records, sales agreement, healthy cat food to help your new little one adapt, and a bag of toys.  

Our exquisite Exotic Shorthair and Persian kittens for sale are available in the most desired rainbow shades of chocolate, lilac, colorpoint, solid, bicolor, calico, tabby, red, and the rare and beautiful tortoiseshell (torties)! View our beautiful Exotic Shorthair & Persian kittens for sale.

About our Cattery

Exotic shorthair bicolor female for sale
Bicolor Exotic Shorthair kitten for sale

Mon Chéri is French for “My Darling”. Our beautiful Shorthair kittens and Persian kittens have been our darlings. We promise they will be your darlings too!

*CFA is currently the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats and known as the most prestigious pedigreed cat registering association in North America. 

Exotic Shorthair & Persian Kitten Traits

Chocolate solid exotic female kittens for sale
Buy in a pair!

In many ways, the Exotic Shorthair & Persian kitten fits the bill of the perfect feline. They are friendly, relaxed, happy to cuddle, and open to furry friends of all sizes. The Exotic Shorthair kitten doesn’t require much grooming, and neither is likely to destroy your furniture with any pent-up energy. In both appearance and personality, Exotic Shorthair kittens and Persian kittens are easy to love. Their traits include:

  • A quiet or soft voice
  • A lively, friendly personality
  • Good with children and other pets
  • Loyal and loving companion

You’ll love sharing your home with your Exotic Shorthair or Persian kitten. They are both playful, affectionate, and social, and make excellent family pets. Consider buying them a companion if they will be left alone for long periods of time. They are playful entertainers which makes them an excellent companion for families with multiple pets and children.

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