Mon Chéri Cattery

Our Queens

We are an Arkansas breeder of these magnificent superior Exotic Shorthair and Exotic Longhair Queens. Mon Chéri Queens have beautiful, friendly, and healthy Exotic Shorthair and Persian kittens. Our kittens for sale are available in chocolate, lilac, colorpoint, solid, bicolor, calico, tabby, red, and the rare and beautiful tortoiseshell kittens.

We take excellent care of our exotic Queen cats. Cleanliness, sanitation, daily attention, meticulous record-keeping, and a lot of love are put into our cattery to ensure we are breeding healthy, beautiful, and sweet kittens. Learn about our cattery.

Queen Stonecreek I Am Aimee

exotic shorthair female cat

Mon Chéri Stonecreek I Am Aimee! What a treasure to have this Exotic Shorthair lovely lady! Aimee gets along with everyone and is always first to greet us at breakfast. Of course, she wants to eat before we get our coffee!

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Queen Stonecreek Callie

brown patch tabbie exotic shorthair female cat

Callie is a beautiful brown patch tabby Exotic Shorthair Queen. We’ve always bred her to Blu because there’s no improving what’s proven to produce perfect Exotic Sshorthair kittens!

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Queen Jasmine

exotic longhair female cat

Jasmine is an extreme faced Persian or Exotic Longhair! Beautiful deep copper eyes and we pair her with Panda for outstanding Exotic Shorthair and Exotic Longhair kittens. We are particularly pleased with the coat qualities of the longhairs… very silky and easy to comb.

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Queen Cupcake

female exotic shorthair cat

Mon Chéri Cupcake is an outstanding show Queen! She loves the limelight and a camera is her best friend. She has a “bottlebrush” tail that we all love to see! One of our very best Exotic Shorthair girls!

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Queen Contessa

exotic-female-cat-chocloate tortie point bi-color cat

Meet Mon Chéri Contessa! We had to submit eight pictures of this girl to CFA as she’s such a gorgeous rare color! Chocolate tortie (tortoiseshell) point bicolor Exotic Longhair! She’s a Starbucks girl! She’s been bred to our Exotic Shorthair colorpoint King Pueblo for a fall 2021 litter! We are anxiously awaiting! Blue-eyed beautiful!

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Queen Paris

solid clear blue shorthair female cat

Paris is our beautiful solid blue Exotic Shorthair young Queen. As a Blu daughter, she has a beautiful face and clear blue coat with no white. She becomes more beautiful with each passing day.

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Queen Miss Peeps

exotic shorthair female cat

Guess why her name is Miss Peeps? This is our fancy pants girl. She’s first on my lap to watch tv every night. She prefers the weather channel to the news! She’s everything I could ask for in an Exotic Shorthair Queen!

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Queen Poppy

poppy blue bicolor female exotic shorthair cat lilac

Mon Chéri Poppy! She’s our unique blue bicolor Exotic Shorthair girl who carries lilac! She is bred to King Starbucks for  Exotic Shorthair kittens.

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Queen Iris

Exotic Shorthair Iilac harlequin kitten

Old-timers may call Mon Chéri Iris a “harlequin” lilac Exotic Shorthair. We call her adorable! Bred to King Starbucks for beautiful chocolate kittens!

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Queen Violet

lilac bi-color exotic shorthair female cat

Mon Chéri Violet is my husband’s girl. She chose him and he chose her! Violet is a lilac bicolor Exotic Shorthair. Bred to King Starbucks she’s produced adorable chocolates and chocolate bicolor Exotic Shorthairs and Persians (Exotic Longhairs)!

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Queen Rose

female lilac bi-color exotic shorthair cat

Mon Chéri Rose is our lilac bicolor Exotic Shorthair sunroom bird and squirrel watcher! She has her sunning space and that’s where we can always find her. Bred to King Starbucks she has gifted us with chocolates, chocolate bicolors, and even a chocolate van kitten!

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Queen Viva

exotic shorthair tortie point bi-color exotic cat

Introducing Queen Viva! Exotic Shorthair tortie (tortoiseshell) point bicolor girlie girl! She’s our lady in waiting and is concentrating on being a sweet and healthy kitten. Miss Blue Eyes for sure!

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Queen Cozette

Exotic Shorthair Tortie BiColor Color Point

Mon Chéri Cozette! We couldn’t wait to share her long-awaited arrival! She’s a full sister to Mon Chéri Contessa and will be an Exotic Shorthair! Like her big sister, she’s a chocolate tortie (tortoiseshell) point bi-color! Starbucks daughter!

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Queen Bridgett

Beautiful Exotic Shorthair Chocolate Female Cat

Mon Chéri Bridgett Pure Chocolate Bliss in a sweet little Exotic Shorthair package. We have retained this special girl into our home for future kittens. She’s an outstanding example of phenotype and genotype! She’s one to watch for the ribbons.

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Queen Gigi

Exotic Shorthair Tortoiseshell female cat

Queen Gigi is a beautiful little chocolate tortoiseshell girl! We have big plans for her exquisite bloodlines! In-person her coat glistens with gold! This young Queen is certainly royalty!

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Queen April in Paris

April lilac point exotic shorthair cat

Meet Queen April in Paris, she’s one of my favorite girls. She’s a lilac point exotic shorthair chocolate and color point carrier. April is expecting her first litter soon!

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